Natural Vegan Lasgna is made with Walnuts, Mushroom, Fresh plum tomatoes and our special TeaPosh Seasoning. Vegan Cheese is made with a Cashew base. Meal comes with 4 Rolls Garlic toast/bun. Serving 2-3

Non-Alkaline; just vegan (Pasta contains wheat)


Meals are pre-cooked, freshly packaged to frozen and ready for pick up, shipping or delivery.


 Meal can be fully cooked and ready to eat within 4-5 mins in conventional oven. 


Shipping: Due to nature of shipping fresh frozen foods; we can only ship on Monday & Tuesday of the week via UPS ONLY!!! Shipping rates are based on UPS rates. 


Microwave is Not recommended!!!!!

Vegan Lasagna (V)