Prodigiosa (Brickellia grandiflora) 
Prodiiosa contains and grows in canyons in the Valley of Mexico and southwestern area of the United States. It helps to lower high blood sugar levels in insulin-resistant for type ll diabetics’ recipients. It has great effects on stimulating fat digestion in the gallbladder. It has been reported to improve bile evacuation from the gallbladder and bile synthesis in the liver. Also known to aid in flushing and dissolving small gallstones out of the body with the increase of bile flow. Prodigiosa improves stomach lining and stomach digestion by increasing the quality and quantity of hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach. This is a great way to help the body digest foods that can take a long time to digest in the body. It has been reported to help with cataracts.
Cautions: Not recommended for Type 1 Diabetic insulin dependent recipients. If you are already experiencing gallstone blockage that is already occurring in the bile cuts do not take Prodigiosa. 




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