Natural Vegan Chimi Chunga is loaded with your choice of Mock Chicken or Salmon with your choice of Veggies. Chimi is loaded and lightly fried. Topped with Vegan cheese sauce and ready to enjoy for Lunch or Dinner. Serving 1 Chimi Roll.


Veggie Options: Spring Mix, Bell Pepper, Black Olives, Cherry Tomatoe, Jalapeno peppers, Red Peppers & Red Onion:

Sauce Option: Sweet & Tangy, Mango Sauce (Made from fresh Mango), Vegan Ranch


Meals are pre-cooked, freshly packaged to frozen/chill and ready for pick up, shipping or delivery.

Meal can be prepared and ready to eat within 5-8 mins in conventional oven.


Shipping: Due to nature of shipping fresh frozen foods; we can only ship on Monday & Tuesday of the week via UPS ONLY!!! Shipping rates are based on UPS rates.

Microwave is Not recommended!!!!!



Chimi Chunga