COVID-19 Recommendations

Here at TeaPosh Naturals we are committed to the Health of our Community. Please review these helpful tips on how to prepare and heal from the CoronaVirus.


The Effects of the virus solely depends on the condition of your Body. The Virus will not be able to survive in an Alkaline Environment. So we recommend at this time to only consume things that are Alkaline with Minerals.

Your Community Herbalist recommends that you do not consume NO DIARY AT ALL!!!

Please ensure you are consuming up to 1 Gallon of Spring Water per day.

Try to refrain from eating or drinking anything Cold unless it is a Smoothie.

Decrease the consumption of Starch, Sugars and Meat. These food items will feed the Virus and prolong healing.

Please consume some type of Mineral Herbal Tea daily.

Body Posh Tea, Boost Berry Tea, Cell Therapy or Immune Booster Tea are our top recommendations.

Please refrain from visiting new born babies!!! Only the parents should be in the presence of New Born babies )

If you are having symptoms act as if you have the Virus whether Tested or Not. There are a few options that have been proven to work. If you have symptoms and affected by the Virus these are options that have been proven to work.

1- Heat Therapy- STem Herbs and cover your head over steam and inhale the steam for a minimum of 5-8 min per day until you feel better. (Optional- Add Orange, Lemon or Lime Peel)

2- Sauna or STem Rooms (Provided most Gyms are closed; check above option)

3- Spray water to face and use a traditional blow dryer (on low) on the face and again inhale the heat from the dryer.

4- Liquid Fast with soups, smoothies, herbal teas and spring water only. Until you feel better.

5- Stay to yourself send the children to friends and family until you are better.



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