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All About TeaPosh Naturals

TeaPosh Naturals is a Blackamoor and Female Owned Holistic retail store. We offer a variety of items to guide you to Holistic healing through mineral base foods, alkaline herbs, herbal teas and much more. We have impacted food deserts with healthier food options in Jacksonville Urban area. We empower personal and business growth within our community and provide educational workshops on healthier food choices and business developments.

We have found ways to help hundreds across the world heal themselves from various disease of the body. We are here to help you return back to your natural state of being. 

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Connecting People to Sebianism

Join our facebook community of over 40k Sebi-ans all around the world. We support one another, educate one another and love on one another as we transition to the African Bio Mineral Balance created by BaBa Sebi (Alfredo Bowman).


Meet The Owner/Herbalist
Tyrica Nelson

Tyrica was previously diagnosed with PCOS and suffered many illnesses such as extreme hormonal imbalances, depression, obesity and inflammation of the skin. After many visits to Doctors and no remedies to resolve her medical concerns, she began to research Natural Alternatives to gain relief of her illness. In 2016, she drastically changed her diet and in 2 years she lost over 120lb just by going Vegan and eliminating processed foods. She then decided to educate others all over the world via social media and built a following of 40k plus that joined her studies and regimens to better health. As a result in 2018, Tyrica felt it was important to provide the same opportunity to the people in her hometown and opened TeaPosh Naturals Cafe in 2018. In just a few years TeaPosh Naturals have gained several awards of Best Vegan Food in the city, we have educated up and coming Business Owners that we partner with. We have also facilitated healing remedies for those stricken with diseases of the body. With our recommendations our customers are reversing diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and many more.

In 2021, Tyrica overcame many odds to manage the effects of the pandemic, she has transitioned from the cafe into retail and continues to provide affordable holistic healing to the people of her community. She has set the mission #Operation #Healdaville and she continues to trail holistic healing through mineral base foods, herbal teas and unmatched transitional support.

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