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Tyrica Nelson- African BioMineral Advocate, Herbalist/Naturalist & Activist

Thank You for Allowing me to serve you!!

I was stricken with a destructive Hormone imbalance for the majority of my adult hood life. Often times I would find myself in a dark space and at one point ready to take my own life. My body felt so heavy with carrying over 300lb of weight, struggling to breathe, lacked energy and menstrual imbalances. 

I have recognized that the more my mind would be troubled with worry and distress is the more the mind was forced into changing my circumstances in order to change my health. In turn I have committed my progress into changing my community just the same. 


The African Bio Mineral Balance is a direct correlation of healing for those that have lost their way and finding a hard time finding their way back to purpose. Dr. Sebi of Honduras has taught us how to return to our natural state of being by re-mineralizing the body with Herbs and Natural State Foods. Following Dr. Sebi teaching I have brighten my world where I now pay attention to the light at the end the tunnel. I have balanced my hormones, I have lost over 120lb, I can breathe and smell the beauty of the air, my energy is extreme and charged daily, and I have helped thousands of people all over the world do the same. 


I have made a commitment to myself, my community and the Sebian community all over the world.  We will continue to expand our products and service to areas that do not have access to healthy food options within a 10 mile distance. We also will provide the our product and services to those areas that are stricken with disease and discomfort of the body. We have the solutions to health, wealth and spirituality. We have the ability to Bring you and others back to your Natural State of Being.